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From a Tile and Vinyl Cleaner to a Cover Cleaner, ProTeam has it all! Keep your Pool Clean with these great products from Haviland. 


Originally founded to create steel wall swimming pool panels, our growth over the past 35+ years has established us as a leader of the pool industry, becoming the country’s largest single supplier of panels, steps, coping, and components. In addition, we serve numerous other industries through our custom divisions. We invite you to look around to learn more about us, our products, and our manufacturing facility and capabilities.


These days, it's unacceptable to make a pump that's powerful but wasteful with energy. Our ultra-high efficiency pumps don't force you to choose—they deliver both power and energy efficiency, with zero trade-offs. Engineered with advanced hydraulic technology, a new generation of motors and cutting-edge electronic components, they work harder, last longer and run quieter than anything else on the market.** Who says you can't have it all?



The Pentair Home app range of connected water management devices help you move, improve and enjoy your home's water. Ensure a continuous flow of softened water. Protect your home from leaks and flooding. Control your swimming pool system and monitor water chemistry. All from the easy-to-use dashboard on your smart device.